Online Master – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Online Master – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Call for Applications for the I Edition of the Online Master in Electoral Policy and Administration – Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in collaboration with UNITAR and International IDEA – 2016/2017


Applications for the Master Programme shall be submitted online at:

Applications for individual modules shall be submitted online at:

Applications for admission shall be sent any time and participants will be informed about the results within 8 weeks from their application.


The Master in Electoral Policy and Administration (MEPA) is an online Master Programme providing comprehensive advanced learning on electoral processes for current and aspiring election professionals. Boasting the most reputed international experts in this field, the Master Programme is based on the 2014 Interna­tional IDEA designed “Model Curriculum – Master of Electoral Policy and Administration”, which will be piloted for the first time.

Individual modules are also available, leading to the attainment of a Certificate of Completion and the respective academic credits of the specific module taken.


MEPA is composed of an online component (eight months) and an optional residential component at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, Italy (up to three weeks).

The average duration of the Programme is 1 year. Students may opt to complete the degree within a longer timeframe. However, the maximum duration of the Programme shall not exceed 2 years.

 Key features:

• Online post-graduate professionalizing and field-oriented Programme • Flexible and learner-oriented structure • Lecturers chosen among the most reputed international experts in this field • Career service • International and multicultural student environment

Why should I apply?

MEPA targets mid/upper level professionals that want to acquire specific knowledge and skills to work as elec­tion administrators and/or as part of EMBs. By choosing MEPA, practitioners gain access to a broad group of alumni spread across the world. Becoming part of this community is a lifetime goal.


The MEPA Curriculum framework relies on the concept of the electoral cycle, pioneered by International IDEA.

The Model Curriculum is composed of the following topics divided in 18 modules: Elections and Voting as Instruments of Governance, Electoral Legal and Regulatory Frameworks, Electoral Management Bodies (EMBs), Electoral Systems and Managing Representation, Understanding and Managing Boundary Delimitation, Political Parties, Campaigns, and Political Finance, Electoral Planning and Budgeting, Voter Registration and Identification Systems, Electoral Operations, Marginalized Electorates and Special Voting Programs, Elections and Technology, Civic and Voter Education, Media and Elections, Electoral Integrity and Malpractice, Electoral Security and Conflict Prevention, Electoral Justice Systems, Electoral Observation, Evaluation, and Validation, Policy Advice and Electoral Reform.


Internships are encouraged but they are not compulsory in order to earn the Master degree. 

Tuition fee:

The tuition fee for the Master in Electoral Policy and Administration is 10,000 euros. It covers the following:

• Academic and tutorial costs; • Course materials; • Participation in webinars.

Individual modules are also available. The fee for each module is 850 euros. Starting from the second module, a 10% discount on the fee of the second and third module is applied and a 15% discount is applied from the fourth module onwards.

To foster diversity within the programmes, the Scuola and UNITAR may award partial scholarships to talented students in need of financial aid based on merit, distinctive competencies and academic excellence. Scholar­ships are subjected to availability of funds and the number of scholarships is very limited.

Contact us

For further details, please visit or contact:

Master in Electoral Policy & Administration Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies Via Cardinale Maffi, 27 – 56126 Pisa ITALY Tel. +39 3929986218